The Authentic Thai Mystery Revealed


The Authentic Thai Mystery Revealed

One of the reasons Thailand is such a popular destination is its mouth-watering cuisine. In fact, saying that Thai cuisine is delicious is an understatement, and this statement even bears more weight when it comes to authentic Thai foods. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Thais pay so much attention to their foods given that one of the first things they ask each other whenever they meet is “Have you eaten yet?” This type of special attention, which has made it such a unique cuisine, is one of the reasons Thai meals are so popular. But what is it that makes a Thai meal authentic?

While Western cooking generally focuses on a particular type of flavour like sweet or savoury, Thai cuisine is about finding the right balance between the flavours (often opposing flavours). That said, if authentic Thai cuisine could be described in a word, it would be “balance.” Finding the right balance between the salty, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavours is key when cooking a legitimate Thai meal. Once the right balance between these flavours is reached, this meal has the potential to mesmerize your taste buds.

Most Thai dishes make use of at least two of the above flavours, like the som tum with a great combination of sweet, spicy, sour and salty. And so if you find yourself eating a Thai meal which lacks at least two of these flavours, then chances are it is not authentic. In addition to finding the right balance between the flavours, authentic Thai meals are also made using fresh herbs. This is why the Thai dishes are so healthy.

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